The Nervous System


The Nervous System(Sometimes called Vertebrate Nervous system) is made up by 2 main parts. The Central Nervous(CNS) System and The Peripheral Nervous System (PNS). The CNS parts are The brain and the spinal cord. The PNS parts are Autonomic NS and the Somatic NS. The brain and the spinal cord have no parts to it but the Autonomic NS and the Somatic Ns do. The Autonomic NS parts are Sympathetic NS and the Parasympathetic NS. The Somatic NS parts are Spinal Nerves and Cranial Nerves. The Spinal and Cranial Nerves don't have any parts but the Sympathetic NS and the Parasympathetic NS do. The Sympathetic NS parts are Spinal nerves. And only the spinal nerves. This may sound confusing but the Parasympathetic NS parts are the Spinal Nerves and the Cranial Nerves.
The reason that the Spinal and Cranial Nerves are in more than 1 category is because the spinal and cranial nerves work in more that 1 organ parts,.

Major organs

The major organs are mostly the brain and the neurons. The brain is so important because it takes and makes the information you absorb from your class. It processes you info and separates the easy stuff to process from the hard stuff process.
Now the brain also connects to a part of our nervous system called the neurons. Neurons are the things that make you feel. Let's say somebody, hit you in the arms, the neurons send a message to the brain that what they did was suppose to hurt. The brain makes the final decision and would either say "Do your job And make it hurt" or "This wasn't to hard, give it a rest."

System functions

The Nervous System interacts with a lot of systems but a few are the Skeletal System, and the Muscular System. First, the Skeletal System. The bones gives the nervous system calcium that helps the nervous work how its suppose too. The skull also protect the brain from getting injury. The vertebrae protects the spinal cord from injury. But, there are bad things that could happen if things go wrong. If the bones didn't give us the calcium, the nervous system would act bad and that would be horrible since the brain is in the nervous system. And if the vertebrae was not there, then the spinal cord will get a lot of injuries. And if the skull wasn't there, the brain would get injury and that would be horrible. you would also be able to feel you brain for pushing your skin. The muscular system also helps because the respecters give information about the body movement and place. The brain also controls how and when the skeletal muscles open and closes. And lastly the brain controls how fast food goes through the digestive process. Let's say that the brain was acting funny, then that means the food will go through the digestive system track as fast as it wants when ever it wants which can lead to to throwing up.
There are alot of diseases that could involve the nervous system but a major ones are Epilepsy. Epilepsy is from a Greek word that means " to hold or to seize". When you have epilepsy you can have seizures. Epilepsy (Or seizures) happens when there's not normal electric activity going on in your brain. The cells in you brain keep sending out un-normal electric activities to the other parts of the body. The signals tell the muscles to move. If a lot of these signals are sent out at once, you can get an "overload". The victims may start to shake a lot or just pass out. This May happen even every day. When you have a seizure, you may drool, pee, throw up. When all this is done, you may wanna sleep and not remember anything.
Staying healthy
The nervous system is mainly easy to keep healthy. You mostly need protein which is meat like chicken and calcium. The protein gives us the tools for all the parts that make it easy to control the parts. You get protein from fish, chicken and nuts. Calcium helps the body by maintaining the body you find it in milk and leafy greens.

Other interesting information

there are more nerves then there is stars in the milky way!
As we get older, the brain loses one gram
There is about 100 billion neurons in your brain ALONE!


I have told you all the important info on the nervous system and hope that you had as much fun as I did on the journey through it.


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