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Do you know what happens inside your body when you touch a hot stove? Information is carried through your fingertip to your brain by your nerves. Then your brain sends a message back through your nerves to pull the muscles away. That is how the nervous system works. If you want to learn more about the nervous system, read on!

Major Organs

The major organ (and only one) is the brain. All of our senses are tied into our brain allowing us to explore the outside world. We remember, have emotions, solve problems, worry about stuff and dream about the future. We control our body with our brain. The brain looks like a gray wrinkled tissue the size of 2 fists. The brain sits inside your skull with fluid and membranes protecting it. The brain is the most complicated organ. It has 3 major parts; the cerebrum, the cerebellum and the medulla. The cerebrum is the biggest part. It controls our senses, thoughts and imagination. The cerebellum controls our motion, balance and our ability to learn new things. The medulla (or brain stem) our digestion, breathing and heart beat. That's the brain!

System Functions

Without the nervous system our brain would be mush. The nervous system is the information superhighway of the body. The brain uses the nervous system to give information to the nerves. Lets say you trip on the sidewalk and you scrape your knee. Sensory nerves will send a message to your brain. Then your brain sends a message back to your knee and your knee hurts. The nerves that carry the message are called motor nerves. Your knee might also start to bleed but that's a different system. Nerves are made up of neurons. Neurons have 3 major parts; the nucleus, the cell body, the dendrites and the axon. Dendrites take in the electric messages to the cell body and they axons take it away.


Inherited diseases, brain disorders associated with mental illness and head injuries can all affect the way the brain works.
-Brain tumor: an abnormal tissue growth in the brain that can be cancerous.
-Cerebral palsy: comes from defect or damage to the brain before or during child birth.
-Epilepsy: is a disease that causes ciezures in the brain
-Headaches: They all stink,ouch! There are several different kinds of headaches and causes. Although it may feel like it, a headache is not a pain in your brain. Your brain tells you when other parts of your body hurt, but it can't actually feel pain. Most headaches happen in the nerves, blood vessels, and muscles that cover a person's head and neck.
-Meningitis: This is an infection of the brain and spinal cord caused by bacteria and viruses.
-Encephalitis: Inflammation of the brain tissue.
-Mental illness: They can be structural abnormalities or chemical distinctions of the brain.
-Head injuries: an example is a concussion.

Staying Healthy

Surprisingly, your brain needs to stay healthy too. However, your brain does not need to jog laps around your head. To keep your brain healthy, you can eat healthy foods, get lots of playtime, where a helmet while riding a bike, or playing sports, do not drink alcohol, take drugs or use tobacco and challenging your brain with puzzles, reading, playing music or other activities (video games or watching TV not included).

Interesting Facts

Ice Cream Headaches
Ice Cream Headaches

This very question has been confusing people for many years now. The pain in your head from eating ice cream. The very question will be answered right here, right now. The question is "what! causes! BRAIN FREEZE!!!" When something very cold touches the center of your palate (the roof off your mouth), the nerves that control blood flow to your head tell the blood vessels in your head to swell up. The swelling causes your head to hurt.
Did you know that there are more cells in your brain then stars in the Milky Way.
Did you know use of bicycle helmets is 80-85% effective in lessing head and brain injuries.
Did you know that when a body part falls asleep, your nerves in that body part go numb.


Thats the nervous system! I hope you learned allot, because I did looking up everything. For more information go to the recourses below. Thanks for reading!