The circulatory system


The blood cells in the circulatory system comes from bone marrow . Your whole body gets blood cells by veins, and arteries both arteries and veins do the same thing they both carry blood cells. In the heart the blood get's filled with oxygen that oxygen get's transferred through your body so your body can work .There's a another blood cell called the white blood cell it fights off germs and viruses they throw anti body's and that lets them know that it's a germ. The circulatory is a big circle that carry red blood cells and white blood cells blood goes out from the heart in the arteries and sent back in veins. The heart is a major muscle it keep's the circulatory system going.

major organs

The heart is a organ and a muscle it pumps blood through arteries. The blood get's pumped throughout the body and back to the heart. When the blood comes back to the heart. Each organ does an important job like the heart and lungs. Your lungs put oxygen into the red blood cells Your lungs are also part of the respiratory system. The lungs are also very important to the circulatory system.
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system functions