the circlatory system by luke morency


hello I'm here to talk about the circulatory system before we get started I'm gonna name all organs from beginning to end. First I want you to know that the organs are in small groups that transport blood around the body. the heart pumps blood
and the arteries and veins transport it.
Major organs
first I will talk about the organs in the circulatory system, one is the heart which serves a pump the same thing
, which carries the required molecules; and blood vessels- which transports blood throughout the body.
There are two circulatory divisions that are simultaneously functioning within the human body
the pulmonary circulation transports the blood from the heart to the lungs for oxygenation, and brings it back to the heart. the rest of the body is not included
in this process.

System functions

in this part of my paper I will tell you how the circulatory system helps the other systems. the way that the circulatory helps
the muscular system is smooth muscle located in the veins and arteries. The way that the circulatory helps the unitary
system is cleaning the blood of waste prouducts produce by the circulatory system. For more ways that the circulatory
system helps the other systems go to


One disorder/ disease with the circulatory system is angina it is uasally refered as a shooting pain that is serve
intensely. one common diseases with the circulatory system is called arteriosclerosis, in witch the large deposits in the arteries causes the walls to stiffen
and thicken the walls. another diseases of the circulatory system is hypertension commonly caused by high blood pressure - causes the heart to work harder and can lead to such complications as a heart attack, a stroke, or kidney failure.
Staying health
ways to help your circulatory system would be to exercise for at lest 30 minuets most days of the week [example exercise for Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday
Friday, and Saturday or Sunday]. another way to help your circulatory system is if over 18 DO NOT TAKE TOBACCO!!! it damages your system by damaging the chemical compounds. Another way to hep your body and your circulatory system is to eat healthy foods believe it or not! and here's why dogging foods that are processes and in high standard
trans fat. another to help your circulatory system while staying healthy is to to keep your under control example: eat at least 1 fruit or vegetable!

Other interesting information

hello here's some cool facts enjoy :D. tell you some cool facts! one is The regular human has about, about 2,000 gallons of
blood travels trough daily!!. the output of the blood from the left side of the heart goes into the aorta, the bodies largest atria!
in a average lifetime the heart beats 2.5 billion times! without the circulatory system our body would not be able to fight disses or keep control of our internal environment. x


In my research paper you've learned about disorder/dieses etc. Some of the information helps y u like not
Smoking tobacco or learning about it your organs and everything you need to know about the circulatory
System I'm glad you listened because now YOU know more about the circulatory