The skeleton system by Damon


Your skeletal system works and supports the frame of your .
body. Without your skeletal frame to support your body you would be
unable to move and do your daily tasks. Humans are vertebrates, which means that we have
bony articulated or jointed, endoskeletons. An endoskeleton is a
frame within the human body that provides support as it continues to
grow and develop. The skeleton is the internal frame work of the
human body. It is composed of exactly 270 bones at birth [1][2][3] this total
decreases over the years to 206 bones by adulthood because some of the
bones or most of them fused together to become more stronger and stable.
this is called synotosis.This happens because children have more bones than
adults but there to small to hold the mass of the weight the children weigh's
as it continues to grow larger and stronger. That is why children's bones fuse together.
when born a baby has a total of 300 bones! But sense the bones fuse together
during the ''growth period'' adults have less bones so they end up with 206 bones.
the bone mass in the humane skeleton reaches maximum density of around
the age of 30. The human skeleton can be divided into the axial skeleton and also the
appendicular skeleton. H`ere is bout the bones and what they do!

Major organs.

The Cranium A.K.A the skoal, is used to protect the brain.
The Mandible A.K.A the jaw, is used to move our bottom teeth so that
we can bite and chew our food. The Clavicle A.K.A the shoulder is
used to protect our Scapula. The Scapula is used to move our upper
arm. The Sternum is used to help hold our Rib's. The Rib's are used to
protect our heart. The Humerus is the long bone between your elbow and shoulder.
.The Vertebra is part of the lower back area, and lower spine. The Pelvis is
also part of your lower back. it is also known as the largest bone in your
body! The Radius is the long bone in your lower arm but the radius is
not the hole bone. On your left arm the radius is to the left, but on the
right side of your body the radius is on the right side as well.
The Sacrum is right below the vertebra, and some what inside the pelvis.
The Ulna is the bone right beside the radius. It is the other half of
the lower arm. Without each other your arm would not be the same!
If the Ulna wasn't there your lower arm would be a little more
smaller. And without the Radius the bone would be extremely
thin and weak,so weak that if you where to fall and hit your arm
it would brake, instantly snapping in half! The Carpals are one of
the smallest bones in your body! They can be located in your
hand where you move your thumb as shown in this diagram
of the human skeleton. The Metacarpals are located also in your
hand just below the Carpals. That is why they are called the
metacarpal's. The Phalanges are also located in the hand
just below the Metacarpals. All of the bones in your finger allow
you to bend your finger the way you can now. The Femur is the
longest bone in the body. It is the bone in your thy area, in your
upper leg. The Patella a.k.a the knee is the small bone on top of
your Femur at the very bottom.It allows your leg to bend so that
you can run and bend down. The Tibia is just like the Radius
and the Ulna but just bigger. There are two bones, one bigger
and one smaller. The Tibia is the larger and more stronger one,
and the fibula is the much more smaller one. The Metatarsals
and tarsals are just like the carpals and metacarpals except
there just on the foot, also with of course another name.


System functions.

Muscular system.
1. skeleton muscles move move bone. 2. tendons connect muscles to bone.
Digestive system.
1. The digestive system interacts with the skeletal system by the phosphorus
which help's the bone's and teeth. 1. The skeletal system hold's the digestive system
which is the frame of you're hole body.
Circulatory system.
1. The bone marrow within you're bone's form new red blood cell's and it remove's
any dirty blood cell's. 2. After making the blood the bone marrow sends it's knew
blood to the circulatory system.
Nervous system.
1. The connection between the two is like this, first the nervous system sends
a signal to the skeletal muscle contract. This contraction causes the skeletal
muscle to pull on the bone, and then causes the bone to have the ability to bend.
This would then mean that the movement of the skeleton is caused by the
nervous system which then trigger's the skeletal muscle to move the hole bone,
that is why you can bend and move you're arm's leg's etc-.

Disorders orders and disease.

Osteoporosis has effected millions of American's all around the globe.It physically
debilitating and can potentially lead to a downward spiral in physical and mental health!
Arthritis is an inflammatory condition that effects you're joints, such as the knee's or
some times a portion of the spinal column.Typically most symptoms of this disorderly
condition include such as joint pain, meaning tight swelling and large amount's of stiffness
accompanied by a reduction in the ability to freely move you're joint's. Osteoarthritis and
Rheumatoid arthritis are the most common type's of this disease.
Bone cancer , though uncommon, is cancer that originates within a bone in you're
body causing bone's to weaken a lot! Bone cancer can occur as a primary type of cancer
or can be a sign of a very advanced cancer located elsewhere in the body that is spread
down to the bones. Primary bone cancer's include Osteosarcoma and Ewings. Metastalic
most the most common cancer's include, lung cancer, breast cancer, and finally prostate.

Staying healthy.

Calcium helps bones and teeth too.
You're bones need regular exercise to stay and keep healthy every day to keep as strong and
healthy as possible! Without it you''re bones would start to weaken little by little approximately
every day! To prevent this you should work out as much as possible, such as going on a walk's,
jogging, running and other physical exercises to keep not just you're bones fit and healthy, but
you're hole body too!!!! You could ride you're bike play basketball, soccer, gymnastics, baseball,
dancing, snowboarding, and other activities that are physically educating you're body!!!!!!!
While you do these activities make sure to use the proper equipment such as a helmet knee-
guard's elbow pad's etc... to keep those bones of yours safe.You can strengthen you're
skeleton by drinking artificial milk and eating other dairy products like low fat cheese, frozen
yogurt, and curtain types of ice cream, as long as they all contain of calcium, which help's
bones harden become stronger.

Other interesting facts.

Although if you
where to compare the tibia and fibula to the radius and ulna
the tibia is the larges the fibula and radius are pretty equel
to each one another, and of course the ulna is the smallest.
Did you know the largest bone is the pelvis or hip bone,it is
made up of six bones joined firmly together!
The smallest bone is the stirrup deep in the ear. It is hardly
larger than a grain of rice! The ear's and end of the nose aren't
made of bone! There inner supports are made of cartilage
or gristle which is lighter and more flexible than bone.
After death cartilage rot's more faster than bone and teeth.
the longest bone is the femur, it is navigated in the thigh.
It makes up almost a quarter of you're hole body length!


These are all the amazing extraordinary about the wounder full human skeletal
system and all the awesome things it does and processes-DAMON M