Your muscles are very imported they help
your heart. Your heart pumps daily 2500 gallons
a day.The heart is the hardest working system.
The heart is working every second even when
you go to sleep.When your asleep our your muscles
aren't working.The only systems are working is your heart
and nervous system.

Major organs

The skeletal muscles are always in your body.It makes
you flex and move without them you couldn't move.The
skeletal muscles are also known as striated muscles.
The cardiac muscles make up your heart. It never stops
working until you die. When your 70 your heart pumps
more then 2 billion times. Smooth muscles is near your
stomach,blather,organs, and uterus. They work independently.
The smooth muscles are life sporting.


System functions

The mucsculer system needs alot of fiber and rest. The
mucsculer system is controlled by the nervous system. The
nervous system sends a never ending strem of messeges along
your nerves. Your mucsles are always going to be controlled by your
nervouse system.


Myasthenia gravies is a disease that the
body defense immune system it attacks the body.
between the nerve is a target ,causing blockade. The
the singles that would otherwise command the muscles
into action.

Staying healthy

Muscles need to maintain there strength. That workout that makes
you breath hard and sweat are important for your heart and blood vessels.
Strength tranig can enlarge or firm your muscles to give your body
a more defined shape.When your done exercising you need a lot of rest.
You should always have balanced diet to keep healthy.

Interesting facts

  • Without the muscular system you will not move.
  • In an hour of reading a book your eyes move 10,000 time by your muscles.
  • Your muscles produce body heat.


Picture of muscular system