Emmanuel's nervous system's page


The nervous system is part of our body that coordinates with your body. It sends messages with signals your body if something is wrong. Nervous tissues first arose in worm like organisms. at the cellular level, the nervous system is defined by the presence of a important type of cell called the neuron, known as a " nerve cell". Neurons have special structures that allows them to transfer signals rapidly. without your nervous system you would be like a flower you wouldn't be able to eat, walk, talk or do anything. That's why the nervous system plays a important role in our lives.

Major organ

Labeled Human Nervous System Diagram
Labeled Human Nervous System Diagram

Disorder and diseases

Alachryma, Hagemoser–Weinstein–Bresnick syndrome. they are very bad diseases they can hurt your nervous system and can even saverly damage it.

Staying healthy

Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are great foods to eat to make your nervous system healthy. they have fatty acids, amino acids and a little amout of folate. so that makes them good for our nervous system. This system it works with your skull to prevent brain damage.

Other interesting information

When ever you hit your head you lose 3 brain cells.
Nervous system makes you feel, smell and touch.


Without our nervous system we wouldn't be able to do anything. So let's appreciate the little things our body does by keeping it healthyand strong.