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Today I am going to talk about the nervous system. The nervous system controls almost every other system in your body. You would not even be able to read this presentation without you nervous system. So to show appreciation to your nervous system treat it good and keep it healthy.

Major organs

Your brain is one of the biggest organs in the nervous system.It controls almost everything in your body but it wouldn't control you without the nervous system although the brain is a part of the nervous system. There are parts of the nervous system that control other parts of it.


System Functions

The central nervous system controls the brain and spinal cord. The brain is most of the central nervous system. The brain is one of the major function of the nervous system. the spinal cord is protected by the peripheral nervous system in form of spinal nerves. The nerves are connected to the spinal cord with skin, joints,muscles and much more.
A concussion is a big temporary disorder for hard impact. When you have very hard impact on your head the brain moves around and hits the skull. This can cause brain disorders for a period of time. Another big dieases is parkinsosons. A person with parkonsons losses ability to totaly to control you their body.

Staying Healthy

Your brain is 85%water so drinking water is key. Also eating healthy food is very important.exercise keeps your brain incredable and fit.

Other interesting Information

The nervous system controls mostly everything in your body. Without the nervous system your body would not preform like it does. Did you know that your brain weighs about 3lbs? Did you know that there are 86 billion neurons in your brain?


I hope you have learned alot of information about the nervous system. I had alot of fun making it so I hope you like it


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