So I hope you're as ready as I was to learn all about the excretory system! You are going to learn what diseases can happen, what the major organs of it are which include two kidneys, two ureter's the Bladder and sphincter plus the urethra. You'll know each of their functions and how to keep yourself healthy. Also if you're up for it you get to learn some pretty interesting facts. If you want you can even do your own research projects using the same exact websites, be sure to check one or two out.


So diseases, they're not good. One excretory disease is chronic renal failure also known as CRF, the first one that I see as the worst is CRF, CRF is kidney failure sometimes from the cause of lupus also some of the things you might notice are nausea, swelling or headaches with possibility of hiccups, you could also become confused and you should also be carful of fatigues loss of appetite, and even high blood pressure CRF has even caused people to die.

Major Organs

urinarysystem.gifNow major organs are simple for the excretory system the only organs are two kidneys, two ureter's the Bladder and sphincter plus the urethra and the skin that's all there really is to it.


System Functions

Lets start with the main function. The main function of the excretory system is to excrete toxins.

Staying Healthy

Well to keep the excretory system clean and healthy a few things that help are drinking lot and lots of water, exercising, make sure to eat a well chosen diet, and most important always keep toxins out when possible.

Interesting Facts

Hey did you know that the human bladder is around as big as the brain. Hey also were you aware that a bladder has the capacity of 400ml of urine at a time.