Digestive System


The digestive system is a very important system because it breaks down food into energy. The energy from the food helps your cells. Without cells you cannot live. The digestive system helps also by getting rid of the waste in your body. Basically you can't live without a digestive system. This is the order in which food goes through the digestive system, mouth, teeth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, kidneys, bladder, colon.

Major Organs/Video

This is what the digestive system looks like. Click on picture for video about the digestive system
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One disease is celiac. If you have celiac then you can not eat gluten. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, oats, and rye. If you had celiac and you ate something like a sandwich, a little while later you will be feeling very very sick. Some people might not get a very big reaction and just have a stomach ache. As much as that might hurt it probably will not be as bad as someone throwing up and being very ill like many people can be. Celiac usually runs in a family. In fact you have a 5 to 10% chance of having celiac if someone in your family has it. A possible symptom for celiac is, if you are not growing or gaining weight. Unfortunately there is no cure for celiac. The best thing that you can do is stop eating gluten. It will make you feel a lot better!

System Functions

The digestive system interacts with the skeletal system because of the teeth. Teeth are bones, and without teeth you would not be able to chew. Also, lets say you ate an apple with a loose tooth, then you accidentally swallow your tooth. That would effect the skeletal system because a bone would be gone and it would affect the digestive system because you are not actually supposed to eat and swallow your bones on a daily basis.

Staying Healthy

To keep the digestive system healthy, there is one major thing that you can do. That is to keep any and all germs out of your food. You can do that by washing you hands before eating. Also, if you put all kinds of meats and eggs in the fridge it will prevent disease from growing inside the food. One last thing you should always do to be sure that your digestive system is healthy and clean is, always make sure that you food, such as meat, fish, and eggs, are cooked all the way through. Otherwise you can get diseases such as salmonella.

Other Interesting Information

Did you know that the a doctor found out how the digestive system works by accident?!?
He was healing a mans gunshot wound and saw the mans stomach churning, he started watching it when the man ate and later wrote a book about digestion.
Also did you know that if unraveled a persons digestive tract would measure nearly 30ft long?!?
Did you know that even if you were standing on your head and eating, your food would still end up in your stomach due to the muscles pushing the food down in your esophagus!?!
Did you know that in their life time an average person will eat about 50 tons of food!?!


In conclusion, the digestive system is by far one of the most important body systems. It digests food and turns it into energy and separates the food that is good for your body and bad for your body. However, you need to keep your digestive system healthy by eating right and making sure that one, your food is stored correctly and also is cooked thoroughly. Also you need to try your hardest to keep out germs. One last thing is that if you have an allergy such as celiac, you must eat gluten free or however your new diet says to. That is why the digestive system is a very important system.


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