The circulatory system is one of the most important body systems. The circulatory system is the system of blood flow and cells. In the text, it will explain cells, how it works, some of the main organs that work with the circulatory system, blood and what it does, and some circulatory diseases and how to prevent them.


" the cell is the basic unit of life." humans are filled with millions and millions with them.cells all have membrane, which is on the outside, and cytoplasm which fills the inside of the cell. all cells need four resources to survive, food, water, gases, and waste disposal, which is carbon dioxide. cells get their nutrients from your body once you eat, or drink. single celled organisms live in water. cells can get all of their four needs from water, so they can survive in the environment. cells are the most important part of the circulatory system. cells only live about four months.

how it works

the smallest blood vessels are capillaries. they are the ones that serve the cells. the system of the heart and blood vessels is called the circulatory system. it circulates the blood through your body. to circulate means,
"To move in or flow through a circle or circuit: blood circulating through the body." The cells go in one big circle, cycle. when cells go into the right or left autrium. The right or left aurtrium is a chamber in the heart. It is realativly small. when the heart beats and the autrium gets squeezed which pushes the cells out. Then when you eat,the nutrients go through and feeds the cells. The rest is waste, which your body gets rid of.

major organs

The the heart, and the kidneys are part of the circulatory system. kidneys filter out poison or waste. The rest goes through to feed the cells. That is why if your kidneys fail it is dangerous because those poisons are not filtered out. The heart, is the main one. That is the heart (ha ha)of the circulatory system. It's pumps the blood through the body,(along with the cells)through the cells and back to the heart. did you know that your heart beats 30,000,000 times in a year.


the blood is very important. Other wise, you would be dead. Blood flows through viens and to the heart, where it starts the cycle again. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the cells and away with carbon dioxide. blood flows through the viens to every single cell. when blood flows away from the heart, it flows away in vessels called, arteries. blood flows to the heart in viens. blood is the mian function, it goes through your body in a cycle with the cells with the nutrients to feed them.

staying healthy

when you feed yourself, your also feeding the cells in your body. thats why its so important to eat healthy and nutritious food because the nutrients feed the cells. thats why when you eat not so healthy food, it has no nutrients and does not give any nutrients to your body and your cells. so when you dont eat healthy, it doesnt give your cells anything to eat so they can work. like if your super duper hungery you can grow weak. but when you eat healthy, the nutrient goes through and feeds your cells to give you energy. the best way to keep your circulatory system healthy is eating right because that how your cells can stay alive and keep your body going.

circulatory diseases and disorders

one main circulatory diseas is diabeties. its a diseaes where your body can only handle cirtain amounts of things on of them is sugar. The best way to help or control it is to lower your blood sugar. It is also important to control your cholesterol and also your blood pressure. Sometimes if your sugar is too low, it can become dangerous if don't take care of it, other wise, it can sometimes lead to bad things like comas.


in conclusion, the circulatory is one of the most important functions in the body. It is important to take care of it to prevent diseases and disorders of it. the circulatory is the main source if the body that takes care of the cells to keep your body alive and healthy.
"living systems" science book