The Nervous System

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The Nervous System 4

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The basic parts of the brain.


These are the Organs of the important nervous system,Located in the head and the neck the brain, The Brain stem,cerebellum,ears and hearing cochela and corti,Eyes and vision,corrective lenses eye muscle control, Eye rods and cones, Cranial nerve-x vagus nerve, First cervical nerve, facial Nerve and Taste Buds. Located in the chest and upper back is the first coracic nerve and the Spinal chord. Located in the lower torso is The first Lumbar nerve, The first sacral nerve and the pudendal nerve. Located in the Arm and Hand are the Median Nerve, Musculocuetaneas nerve, The palmer digital nerve, The radial Nerve and the Ulnar Nerve. Located In the Leg and foot is the Common Perennial Nerve. In conclusion You can agree that the Head and the neck have the most nerve organs and that the leg and the foot have the least Nerve organs, But Why?

Major Organs

The major organs of the brain are the brain and the spinal chord. These major organs control every action taken by the human body. It's crazy right. Not unless you've seen evolution. There are diseases that Can cover these major organs with fungus and unwanted body debris to effect the nervous system and all Other systems. Evoloution has perfected the human body and every body part living or non-living they were all perfected. The spinal chord was developed from an unlikely ancestor,the dinosaur, the dinosaur's spinal chord has evolved into the human spinal chord its amazing right that a body part from a huge creature has evolved into a smaller body part of a smaller creature. This has let the human bodyevolve to be able to function you will learn about this next.

System functions

The Way the organs of the nerves work is in the head and neck the neck organ nerves support the neck and the head for feeling working along side the others such as the brain stem, Brain, etc.. The arms and the hands work together by using all of they're nerve organs to feel any activity what so ever, However the hands and arms nerve organs are still considered to have separate nerve organs but still have the same nerve organs, but when synchronized they do very well as a healthy nervous system they work very effectively while operating in an example to grab something or push something. Now the upper back and torso would be nothing without the Spinal chord literally is the back one of the upper back and torso it also works with the first coracic nerve to provide a healthy and non-irritable life what I mean is the way your back is aligned changes your mood. This is how the nerve organs work. So if the circulatory system failed it would stop pumping blood to your brain when the brain fails the whole body fails, but if the circulatory system was well and working it will pump blood to the brain to have. Very healthy and normal life. The Skeletal system is the System that shields the nerves if the bones of the skeletal system were not there the nerves would be damaged by outside infections and damage.


A disease for the nervous system is a brain tumor witch is a cancer that can put extreme pressure on the tissue of the brain eat at the brain cells them selves or damage the skull permanently. Although Brain tumors have levels all levels are serious and should be taken seriously. Here are the levels for brain tumor cancer level number one is not as severe as higher levels but can still damage the brain and is still very serious. Level 2 is a little bit more severe as it can do extensive damage to the skull, Brain cells and put extreme pressure on the tissue of the brain. Level 3 is in between non severe brain tumor and moderate to severe brain tumors. Level 4 is 1 step away from severe brain tumors. As you could infer Level 5 is the highest level which is the most dangerous and deadly to the brain its tissue and its cells.Next you will find out how to stay healthy.

Staying healthy

It Is important to keep your nervous system healthy. What you can do to keep your nervous system healthy, you can do puzzles and brain exercises and getting sleep will help and even improve your nervous system,other things you can do are free programs such as Lumosity wich is a brain trainer to refresh your brain on old stuff like addition subracting and even division and addition,there are puzzles that you cand with real-life sitiuations like packing a bag you have to find out what formation to put the objects to make a the suit case closeable. It's mind boggling just to think about lumosity. It may seem weird to do games just for your brain but is actually quite helpful it can protect your brain from disseases or just going brain dead. It is always good to be active with your brain to stay health.

Other interesting information

This is why the nerve organs are important because they keep us healthy from keeping us in a good mood to simply just keeping us alive or to be able to feel anything that comes in to interaction with are nerves. Next I am going to talk about what happens to our bodies when we are exposed to frigid or extreme conditions. For example if you fall in to the ice your nerves pick up the feeling of not only cold temperatures but the feeling that you can't get after 15 minutes cold shock starts to set in. Cold Shock is when you are exposed to frigid temperatures that your body can not handle when cold shock starts to set in you start to gasp uncontrollably and of course you get goosebumps. The thing that your brain tells you to do is climb out on the edges but the thing about large bodies of water freeze inward so the outer ice is not as strong so try that and your back to where you started the reason that you're brain gave you a faulty answer is coming up. The brain has been around since the dawn of the dinosaurs but the human brain has been evolved from caveman times it picks the logical way out of situations. The best thing to do is what you're brain might resort to next. The correct thing to do is doggy paddle upward from where you came in hang on to the ice and climb upward then once you're out do tempteted to run away simply roll to safety, but why did your brain give you a faulty answer.
The way the brain is evolved from just simply using survival mechanisms in cavemen time to modern times to be able to turn on the lights with out looking or being able to poor yourself a glass of water without spilling any water. These days the same as long ago we have psychological blind spots. Say if a man with a suit a mike and a camera man,What would you assume this person is a reporter,right. Well, you an be tricked like if a faulty website asked for your credit card information this is called a scam and the person that does it is called a con. This in your brain is called a blind spot, society relies on workers to get them food or fix things in the place which we live these things are called blind spots. Even TV shows can do this,trusting a TV show is not a good idea.The reason that the Head and the neck have more nerves all starts with the brain. The Brain is so complex that it literally needs more attention to care and nourish the brain because most of the organs are for the brain the rest are for the neck the nerves don't just have feeling they can spot things but sometimes your brain can be tricked like Apollo Robbins is about to show you on the show Brain Games on National Geographic with Host Jason Silva shown in the description above.
Have you ever heard somebody ever say the word neuron, if you haven't here is what it is, a specialized cell transmitting nerve impulses. Lets go into the neuron. First of all the neuron parts includes the nucleus,nucleolus, membrane, microtubule, the smooth ER, Mitochondrion, Synapse, Dendrites, Axon Hillock, Golgi Apparatus, Ribosomes, Polyribosomes, The Rough ER, The neurotransmitter, Receptor, The neurofibrills, The Microtubule, A second Synapse, The Synaptic Vesicles, A third Synapse, The Synaptic Cleft, The Axonal Terminal, The Node of Raniver and a fourth Synapse. They all come together to make the brain a very functional thing. Now what they are used for is a diffrent thing. What each and everyone nerve does is important to the brain its like a team the brain is the coach and the neurons are the players and the parts of the neuron are there talents so take one part of the cell away and the whole team would fail so removing a synapse is not a good Idea. Now I'am going to go through all of the parts of a neuron and explain what they do and how they work.
1559, two surgeons Ambroise Pare and Andreas vaselius offered to implement a surgery on the king Henri II to remove any excess fluids And/or any "corrupted" blood from the skull or brain. The implementation of such surgery was to risky meanwhile the examined the brains of criminals.


In conclusion the nervous system is a very important system like all the others such as the circulatory system, the skeletal system, the muscular system and the digestive system. You have learned a lot the major organs of the nervous system and digestive system too conclude this informational text you will be watching a video about the brain. Interesting and helpful fear is the helping hand of survival your Amygdala is the smoke alarm for your brain and even your body as mentioned on brain games without the amygdala you would be fearless of danger, sounds great right, no to danger you would be defenseless. Interesting right. To conclude this video and informational text The nervous system is a life saving system you have learned how to preserve it, the organs and the major organs, the system functions, the diseases to protect yourself from and other interesting facts such as the inside of a neuron. The end.