Circulatory System.


The circulatory system is an important
system in the human body. It is so
important because, red blood cells
bring the oxygen to your heart so
your heart can function right and
you can function right.

Major organs.

Red blood cells, are the most common
blood cells in the whole human body.
They take up oxygen in the lungs then releases
it into the tissues. While poking threw the
bodies Capillaries.

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System functions.
Blood is a fluid consisting of plasma, red blood
cells, and white blood cells that is directing
by the heart through the vertebrate vascular
system carrying air and nutrients and waste
materials like junk food, away from tissues.
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Cardiac catheterization - A long hollow tube,
a vein line, can be brought threw a tube to
the heart. The material is dull to x-rays can
be released into the blood flow through the
heart thinking the details of coronary arteries.
A way to cure it is to see a doctor. So then
they can measure the pressure in your
hearts chamber, collect samples of
heart muscle, measure blood oxygen
levels in your hearts chamber, and
evaluate heart muscle pumping ability.

staying healthy.

Exercise 30 mins or more, most days of the
week is advised to improve the health of your
heart an circulatory system. You have to do
physical work outs to keep your body, and
circulatory system to stay up and running
to function and eat right. What also interacts
with the circulatory system while your working
out, is the Cardiovascular system.


other interesting information.

The heart beats 3
billion times in the average persons life.
That's a lot. About 8 million cells
die in the human body every second,
and in that second a new cell is born.
Within a tiny drop of blood 5 million
red blood cells are in it.
red blood on finger.jpg


This is why the circulatory system
is so important. All of these facts
is about how your body can function
right. They are the reason why we
are walking or sitting or even
working out. Thats why it is
so important to stay healthy
and strong.